Friday, October 9, 2009

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Our research helps day traders by providing a forecast- in a 5 minute bar chart form- "map" for tomorrow's projected trading patterns that we expect to occur, in the major stock market indexes: S&P 500, Nasdaq, QQQQ, SPyders, Dow Diamonds, SPX, Russell 2000, FTSE, DAX, and the currency markets: EUR, GBP, JPY & CHF.
~It shows the expected turning points - and the general shape that the market should take throughout the day. We focus intensively on short term intra-day cycle rotations.
* Each night (unless on Holiday or just too tired. or Friday..!) We post one of our forecast trading charts overlaid with what actually occurred that day.
You do NOT need to be a subscriber to access this area- so you may view our work- for free- to see if it may be of benefit to you and fit your trading style. We use this tool as a confirmation tool- alongside our tried and true technical indicators, to confirm if the market is making a low or a high at each of our projected turning points. We also offe a tutorial on our site. Thank you for your interest.